HERE Arts Center, 145 6th Ave, New York, NY

Now in incubation, O is something like a ride down and around a vast whirlpool of all things natural and unnatural above and below, through a great drain beneath the ocean floor, and out the other side.

O is the performance piece we asked our friend Alex Borinsky to write. We asked him to look at the ocean. We asked him to look at the ways we popularly understand things like global warming, sea-level rise, and the polluting American economy. We asked him to think about the human power to artfully conceptualize the unknown, or the abstract.

We look to Jules Verne. We look to "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" in particular. We look to Jacque Cousteau. We are sketching out and cutting out puppets from papers and recycled materials, and we are making large-scale landscape scrolls with painters Vivian O'Shaughnessy and Sebastien Aurillon. We are thinking of dances: "fish" dances and puppet dances to guitar and synthesizer and vocals written by our frequent collaborator-composer Joe White. We want to take the audience on a submarine into the unknown depths of the ocean, down the drain, and out the other side.

  • Experimental Lab Sessions, LMCC's Workspace
  • In Development, HERE Artist Residency Program (HARP)

commissioned and directed by Rady&Bloom, written by Alex Borinsky, music by Joe White, workshopped with LaChrisha Brown, Jessica Kahkoska, Lee Stark, Cameron Michael Burns, Heather Thiry, Joyce Miller, Beth Griffith, Tommy Crawford, Lucy Kaminsky, Emma Meltzer, Teddy Yudain, Emma Lunbeck, Phoebe Brooks, Mim Mintz, Ariana Seigel, Emma DeCorsey, Allyson Morgan, Judith Greentree, Maggie McDowell, Anastasia Olowin, Vivian O'Shaughnessy & Sebastien Aurillon