“Jeremy Bloom is in top form directing the piece, once again using his knowledge of partnering and visionary staging to create the under sea world. The audience is more than happy to blow bubbles to complete the illusion as they are serenaded by the beautiful music... Throughout the evening there are wine servers moving back and forth through the audience in skimpy glittery mermaid garb and the cast practically breaths as one unit which is a testament to their commitment and Bloom's talents.”

LIVE Mermaids LIVE was originally performed at CSV on the Lower East Side in collaboration with Mary Birnbaum and

Featuring: Lachrisha Brown, Jennifer Brown, Oakley Boycott, Catherine Sullivan, Shauna Pinkett, Matt Cusack, Brian Rady, Fabio Biscegli, Lauren Tripolitis, Andrea Martz, Jessi Salzinski (music director), and Laura Dunn