"Marvelously subtle... A new and startling interpretation." 

-Charles Kruger,

"Engagingly explores the questions of innocence, friendship, family and loss that have made the story a classic for more than a century." 

-Robert Sokol, The San Fransisco Examiner

"[The play's] commitment to the purest elements of theatre is refreshing, and commendable."

-Loren Noveck,

In this lyrical, atmospheric interpretation of Peter Pan, Jeremy Bloom strips the familiar story down to its emotional essence. Peter lures Wendy away from her nursery to the magical world of Neverland, where she joins his adventures with Tinker Bell, Tiger Lily, and the menacing Captain Hook. A low-tech, inventive adaptation that pays homage to the darker themes of J. M. Barrie's original, Peter/Wendy will mesmerize audiences of all ages.

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  • World Premiere, the cell, A Twenty First Century Salon
  • West Coast Premiere, Custom Made Theater (San Francisco)
  • Montclair State University
  • Walkerspace (NYC)
  • Northwestern University

adapted and directed by Jeremy Bloom, commissioned and produced in New York by the cell, A Twenty First Century Salon

N.Y. cast: Peter, John Charles McLaughlin (Peter), Jessie Shelton (Wendy), Lachrisha Brown (Tink), Julia Steele Allen (The Tiger Lily), Evan Kuzma (the lost boy), Tim Eliot (Mr. Darling/Smee), Brittany Bellizeare (Mrs. Darling/Hook)

S.F. cast: Terry Bamberger (Hook, Mr. Darling), Sam Bertken (Peter), Anya Kazimierski (Tinkerbell), Jessica Rudholm (The Tiger Lilly), Kim Saunders (Smee, Mrs. Darling), Jeunee Simon (A Lost Boy / A Mermaid), and Elissa Beth Stebbins (Wendy)

N.U. cast: Annabeth Bondor-Stone (Peter), Dana Kaplan-Angle (Wendy), Maggie Killacky (the lost boy), Matthew Fischler (Mr. Darling/Smee), Alex Knell (Mrs. Darling/Hook), Starr Busby (Tink), Nikki Zaleski (The Tiger Lily)