"A must-see whirl of wild wonderment and haughty hilarity"

A green knight comes to Camelot on his green horse with his great green axe. He was a beautiful being. He was terrifying but he knew what justice was. And perhaps justice is greater than the grail.

Newly adapted for the stage from the strangest of Arthurian legends, The Green Knight celebrates the sprawling and fantastical alliterative lyricism of the original epic poem, and casts it in a fresh irreverent light.

"The Green Knight was absolutely the most entertaining, hilarious, seamless performance I’ve seen in a long time.... They at once mock the deliberately quirky and shoddy costumes and set design while completely enrapturing the audience in an Arthurian legend gone postmodern. They meet the challenge of an updated, edgy and highly alliterative script and spin off these ceaselessly tongue-twisting lines with ease. As the Green Knight interrupts the yuletide feast at King Arthur’s court, the scene succeeds in being at once engaging and funny. We are rooting for this goofy Gawain, even as he rides off on his horse– piggy-backed on an actor wearing a horse head." 

-The Happiest Medium Blog

  • The Lynne Redgrave Theater at 45 Bleecker
  • Planet Connections Theater Festivity Award Winner

directed in pink and green by Jeremy Bloom, adapted  by Brian Rady from “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” the 13th century English poem by The Anonymous Pearl Poet, performed by Joel Sinensky, Joyce Miller, Brett Aresco, Amanda Bloom, Veracity Butcher, Catherine LeFrere, Scott Morse, Thomas Crawford, Laura Siszkin-Fernandez, Holly Chou, Kareem Lucas with Sarah Pessa, costumed by Erin Schultz