a performance piece gathered from associative writings on the presence of guns in and OUT of our American lives

  • September 10 - 25
  • Saturdays and Sundays at 3pm 
  • Pershing Hall on Governor’s Island

Gun violence in the U.S. has a complex history and a devastating legacy that plays out daily. Policy change seems impossible, hopelessly stymied in a battle between those for and against. But the presence of weapons in our daily lives is multifaceted. How can we peel back the layers? 

The Gun Show will incorporate pieces of conversations, stray thoughts, sound and dance into a fast paced exploration of a multitude of voices dialoging on guns. The Gun Show weaves together a variety of written experiences and imaginings into a spoken choral piece for three performers. 

Note: no actual or prop guns will be used in the play and no threatening acts of violence will be recreated.


Text is gathered and directed by Jeremy Bloom

Featuring Lachrisha Brown, Dana Kaplan-Angle, and Heather Thiry

Co-produced by Maia Safani

Assistant Directed by Mitchel Civello