It's become an annual tradition - faces & names. The strange forces that connect us and rip us all apart. A gallery show that morphs into performances, that morphs into a night of music (MULTI-ARTS/ MULTI-HEARTS +FREE WINE). Join us.


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

the cell / 338 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011

admission is free

6:30PMish Gallery Show 

7:30PMish the Main Event

8:30PMish Concerto, Lion & Spaniel


presented by Nancy Manocherian's the cell theatre; a RADY&BLOOM event; assembled and directed by Jeremy Bloom; 

Performers include Lachrisha Brown*, Eddie Cretinon*, Carly Ciarrocchi, Leah Coloff*, Judith Greentree, Govind Kumar, Robert Gadol Lavenstein, Doug LeCours, Matthew Marsh*, Ciara Moriarty*, Viv O, Alexander Paris, Bryce Payne, Ronald Peet*, Brian Rady*, Mahima Saigal, Steve Simring, Keely Snook, Ry Szeslong, Heather Thiry, Sylver Wallace*, Ben Weber, and Jing Xu..

*denotes musical guest

Writers curated by Sarah Einspanier: Robert Bianco, Eboni Booth, Sarah Einspanier, Daniel Lupo, Alexander Paris, Celine Song, Jesse Thurston, Sofya Weitz

Visual Artists curated by Brian Rady: Diego Barnes, Jake Coan, Emily Miller, Brian Rady, Sam Shin, Jing Xu


and more...